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Westlake Historical Society
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The Westlake Historical Society shall be formed to preserve and promulgate the history, historical artifacts, and structures of Dover/Westlake by educational programs for children and adults, by the fostering of historical research, and by social and service projects.

    Some of the ways our Society meets these goals include:

       1. Compiling and filing records pertaining to the history of Westlake and of stimulating continued interest therein.

      2. Providing a library for historical documents and artifacts that showcase various periods of Westlake history.

      3. Maintaining a repository of items and artifacts from the Isle of Man.

      4. Promoting interest within the community and historical events.

      5. Maintaining the Clague Museum building and furnishings consistent with the time period, as well as the time span of the Clague family and beyond.

      6. Educating the membership and the community at large about history. 

     7. Preserving historic structures and artifacts.


   In addition to these goals, the Society is involved with holding  periodic Open Houses at the museum, providing space at the museum for clubs and civic organizations, providing scholarships to Westlake Historical Society student volunteers, funding restoration of the Lilly/Weston House, maintaining a community herb garden at the museum, provide seasonal displays at the museum, hosting informative lectures and sponsoring a Web Site.




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