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DoverTownshipIncorporated 11/14/1811.

[Journal of the County Commissioners of Cuyahoga County , p.7, vol.1, as referenced in numerous sources.]


DoverVillageIncorporated 3/15/1911.

[Map of the proposed Village of Dover, Cuyahoga County Recorder's office - while the residents had voted to incorporate as a village on 2/27/1909 and the Dover Township Trustees passed a resolution on 3/22/1909 and delivered it to the County Recorder for recording on 3/25/1909, there was an injunction and the Cuyahoga County Commissioners did not pass a resolution creating the village until 2/1/1911. The Cuyahoga County Recorder did not record the Map of village incorporation until 3/15/1911, at which point it became officially a village as per the Cuyahoga County Recorder's office.]


Dover Village Incorporated as Westlake Village(name change only) 8/21/1940.

[Robishaw's You've Come A Long Way Westlake..., states that cards were mailed to Westlake voters in February 1940 to select Westlake as the new name of the village, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections confirmed the official date of the name change as 8/21/1940.]


City of Westlake Incorporated 12/18/1957.

[In 1950, the U.S. Census Bureau counted 4,912 total residents, just 88 persons short of the required 5,000 population needed for incorporation as a city. As per Board of Elections Ballot Page Scrapbooks, stored at the Cuyahoga County Archives, in anticipation of becoming a city, on 11/8/1955 the voters of the Village of Westlake approved the creation of a Charter Commission. On 11/6/1956 they approved the proposed Charter. As per the West Shore Calendar (precursor of the West Life newspaper) before the election of 11/5/1957,  5,114 electors had registered to vote in Westlake . As per the West Shore Calendar and Westlake City Council Minutes, on 11/18/1957 Ohio 's Secretary of State proclaimed Westlake the 146th city in the state of Ohio , the designation to go into effect 30 days after his proclamation. As per the 12/19/1957 editionof the West Shore Calendar, on 12/18/1957 Congressman William Minshall had the American flag flown over the Capital building in Washington in honor of Westlake becoming a city that day. The flag, accompanied by a scroll from the capital architect, testifying that the flag was flown in honor of Westlake on that date was sent to then Mayor Hugh D. Price for the city.]


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